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Lilián Pallares
Barranquilla - Colombia. 1976.

Interview in El Ojo Crítico, National Spanish Radio, 2014

Graduate in Journalism and Audiovisual Production with a major in scriptwriting from the University of the North, Barranquilla, Colombia. Lilián Pallares writes poetry, short stories, and the opinion column El Mosquitero in Entretanto Magazine. In 2017 she received the XIV distinction 'Poetas de Otros Mundos' awarded by the Fondo Poético Internacional in Spain in recognition of the high quality of her poetic oeuvre. She has published the books Ciudad Sonámbula (Aldevara, 2010), Voces Mudas (Fundación Progreso y Cultura, 2011), Pájaro, vértigo (Huerga y Fierro, 2014) and Bestial (Papeles de Trasmoz, Olifante Ediciones de Poesía, August 2019).

In 2020 she formed part of the cast for the Cuban zarzuela Cecilia Valdés in the Teatro de la Zarzuela, Madrid, directed by Carlos Wagner. Lilián was one of 10 Colombians awarded by the Colombian Embassy in Spain for both their professional and personal trajectories and their contributions to the positive image of Colombia in Spain, in her case in recognition of her contribution to the arts – her writing, poetry, performance, and audiovisual creations. She also received one of the 'Mujeres Migrantes' (Migrant Women) prizes from the Asociación Rumiñahui in Casa de América for her contribution to the world of Art and Culture in Spain.

Selected as one of the ten best young writers of Latin America by, New York, 2011.

She is founder and director, alongside New Zealand artist Charles Olsen, of the online poetry project Palabras Prestadas and the literary audiovisual production company antenablue, and with whom she presented the poetry recital with flamenco dance and piano Agita Flamenco in Venice, Italy, and in the General Society of Authors (SGAE), Madrid, 2012. She participated in the Parpadeo Project based in Amsterdam which fuses authentic flamenco with contemporary dance, electronic, neo-classical and ambient music, poetry and cutting edge video art. For 2020 she has been awarded a fellowship, on the theme of Infancy, Play and Public Space, jointly with Charles Olsen at the Centre for Artist Residencies, Matadero, Madrid.

The condensed and evocative beauty of Colombian poet Lilian Pallares’s work
Detox: Sleep, reflect, deconstruct
in MADA MASR, Egypt

Three of her poems translated into English are included in Blackmail Press 39, her poem Desidia ('Apathy') is published in the Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 2018 (Massey University Press), and four poems from her collection Bestial are included in Neke, The New Zealand Journal of Translation Studies.

Inspired by her Afro-Colombian roots she has created performances with stage direction by Daniel Aguirre combining traditional oral storytelling, poetry, Afro-Colombian music, dance and audiovisuals such as Afrolyrics 'una historia de amor y tambor' (Afrolyrics 'a story of love and rhythms'), Palabra Azul 'poesía del agua' (Blue Word 'poetry of water'), TAN TAN Poético, and Afrolyrics 'poesía al ritmo de tambor' (Afrolyrics 'poetry to the beat of the drum').

Performance highlights include the Rencontre Abbaye Cultural Centre of Neumünster (Luxemburg), Teatro Adolf Mejía in Cartagena de Indias, and the Biblioteca Piloto del Caribe in Barranquilla (Colombia), Casa América in Madrid, Afroconciencia Matadero in Madrid, Expoesía in Soria, and Black Barcelona in Barcelona (Spain).

telephone: +34 915 30 40 50
cell: +34 676 069 873

AFROLYRICSa story of love and rhythms
Poetry, traditional storytelling, music and dance are woven together to create a vibrant theatre show where the audience participate with their own imaginations.
Spot of Afrolyrics. Click CC for English subtitles.

Words in Bluepoetry of water
A family show based on the traditional Colombian story of La Mojana, a woman who lives below the sea. The story is brought alive with poetry, dance, music and audiovisual storytelling.
Spot of Blue Word.
Poetry: Lilián Pallares (La Mojana)
Music: Charles Olsen (The fisherman)
Dramaturgy and direction: Daniel Aguirre (The storyteller)
Dossier in Spanish of PALABRA AZUL, including photos of the show.

Sleepwalking City 'Stories from the streets of Madrid'

Lilián Pallares's first book 'Sleepwalking City' – Stories from the streets of Madrid, translated by Charles Olsen, is available as an ebook from Amazon or to read on KindleUnlimited.

You can read the stories Reflections To and Fro and The World Below now with the 'Look Inside' option here:
Visit Amazon´s Lilián Pallares Page
Book trailer of Sleepwalking City (Spanish with English Subtitles)